Friday, November 2, 2012

City of Ghosts

Today I went with my class to see City of Ghosts. It was written and directed by Matt Dillon. Matt Dillon is also the star of the film. I always think it is sort of strange when directors cast themselves in their own films. It is a lot of stressful work.

I just want to say; what did I just watch? I believed the characters and enjoyed the mystery of it. That being said, I had no idea what was going on.  Sok was the only character I really cared about. Though, I suppose it would be difficult to get an audience to care about a con man.
City of Ghosts
The title was misleading to the plot and sound like the poetry of an emo teenager. I love the setting in Cambodia. I found the music appealing. I was really hoping the romantic plot was more prominent, but sadly it felt forced.  You never really learned anything about the romantic interest.

There were characters in the film that seemed pointless. The gang that beats Jimmy up in the beginning and the man that kills Robbie were never heard from again. What about the guy who stole Jimmy's passport? Why did he and the man stole the statue have to die? It didn't make any sense. I think this film deserves another viewing. Maybe then I'll understand what was going on, but it really didn't read.

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