Sunday, February 3, 2013

Warm Bodies (Zombie Hipsters)

The film "Warm Bodies" is a romantic comedy twist on a genre of films that were originally boxed into horror. The zombie is an ideal Byronic hero, as it is usually feared and outcast. Obviously based on Romeo and Juliet with characters name "R" and "Julie". This film broke the fourth wall in the humorous dialogue. The main characters
are identifiable with youth today with their "hipster-like" clothing and love of vinyl records.

Action shots were shaky. The camera was unfocused in quite a few zoom and pan shots.
The character relationships were well establish in dialogue and acting, even with the burden of having to act dead. Their interactions allowed us to see past the blood and rotting flesh to see them as humans.

Bony's, the main villain of the film, were very frightening and realistic.

If you're cynical about love and want to see a horror film full of gore, this is not the film for you. If you like romantic comedies, this might be a great step into undiscovered territory. I think it is very cute love story.