Monday, October 15, 2012

Neglected (and GTC)

I am so sad that I missed the showing of the films in class. I wish I had seen everyone's films and I'm sure they were wonderful. I missed class because of the Georgia Theatre Conference. It was an excellent experience for a studying actor. I realized how much I still have to learn. I need to be more in control of my body. As an actor it is my tool and I will grow in my senses. I was lucky that Josh came to me with the finished product to let me view it and I was happy with our work. I was also happy to be with Danielle at GTC, where on our down time she showed me her group's film. I thought it was a wonderful piece. I'm so happy to be surrounded by these people. I say that because this trip not only taught me as an actor, but as a person. I learned that my colleagues are truly good people that just want to create. That is how I feel. I just want to create.

The only media I was able to intake was twitter text messages on my phone. The hotel had terrible wireless internet and I was barely in the hotel long enough to enjoy even that. The GTC President was really stressing the fact that they now have a twitter and facebook account. I wish I had an iPhone.


First of all, this theatre was gorgeous. This is the Rylander in Americus, Georgia. The keynote speaker was Karan Kendrick, an actress from Georgia that played a role in "The Hunger Games". She was incredibly inspirational. It will always stay in my mind that she said, "If I can do it, so can you".

I feel my creative energy rejuvenated and I am ready to come to video workshop ready to learn all that I can to be a professional storyteller.

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