Saturday, April 27, 2013


The Scifi Boys

The Scifi Boys is a documentary follow scifi filmmakers and the special effects that inspire them to work in science fiction. Peter Jackson and the guys from ILM talking about what they do? I'm down.

I have always loved documentaries. Any documentary related to show business is my favorite. I also have a great love of sci-fi, so this film was really perfect for me. As I said before, Star Wars was what inspired me to be an actor. I wanted to know how lightsabers were made and how I could fly a space ship like Han Solo. This documentary showed me that it wasn't easy.


Based on the comic "2000 AD" and the Stalone film "Judge Dredd", Dredd was a wonderful update with less cheesy acting.

The camera movement was very fluid in the action sequences. I imagine dolly's were

In Dredd many of the characters use a drug know as "Slowmo" which makes the user think that time is going at one percent it's normal rate. The film went between slow motion affects in the perspective of the user and normal frame speed in the perspective of Judge Dredd.

This shot looks very much like it could be a frame on a comic page. Excellent effects.