Thursday, November 29, 2012

Doctor Who:A Town Called Mercy

Doctor Who has become my favorite sci-fi television show.

New opening title style.

 This incarnations of the doctor is facing his death. The death of his wife, set up in Season four episode "Silence in the Library, as well as his own.

In the episode "A Town Called Mercy" the Doctor is thrown into a western style town where he is faced with a Cyborg Cowboy Assassin. In this episode he is reminded of his own history of war by the alien doctor he meets in this small town. He begins to believe that his mercy is a fault. The doctor eventually is able to realize that violence never solves anything.

The cyborgs costume was excellent. Doctor Who always has superb special effects. Though I do think a human with a face tattoo passing as alien is hilarious. My favorite sci-fi was always a little

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