Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WTF TRUE BLOOD? (Season 5 Finale Review)

I really enjoyed watching True Blood when it first started. I read the books and then began to watch the show when it aired. Until the fourth season the show followed the books well. Now Alan Ball has gone crazy.

 I felt so many separate story line caused the story to drag, for me anyway.  I understand having a B plot, but in the beginning of the season we had about five or six separate story lines going on. I was there for Sookie and the vampires. I really don't like Sam having his own story line. Great character, but I really just thought he would be the back up for Sookie. The eleventh episode led me to believe that they would have a hard time wrapping up the season. I was very pleased to see Russell die within the first few minutes.

I was unsure whether I enjoyed the obvious social commentary on religious fundamentalism and civil rights. It was a motif I've liked until now. It has become so obvious that it is not as interesting anymore. Steve Newlin turning out to be gay was a ridiculous character move, if only because that character type is seen too often.

I was very upset that Lafayette was used as filler in these last two episodes.
Lafayette as a Medium

And then there was Bilith.

What the fuck True Blood?

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