Monday, August 20, 2012


I forgot to mention in my video production class that Star Wars is one of my favorite films and the reason I enjoy acting. This was the film that fostered my imagination as a child.

I realized acting was a way to explore and live in imaginary worlds.


I could be a hero.


  1. David, I really enjoyed this post. Stars Wars is one of my favorites too. It is actually one of a few movies I remember going to see in the theater as a child.

  2. I love Star Wars, too! As a young child, I remember hearing my parents discuss whatever movie or TV show we would watch that night if it was going to be a family movie night and listening closely so that if I did not like the movie decided upon I could beg to be excused. Most of the time it didn't work, especially when we had members of our extended family over and all they wanted to watch was Star Wars. In the beginning I hated Star Wars. It was too long and too complicated and I normally tried to tune it out and concentrate on playing Uno with my aunt. Then one day I decided to actually pay attention to the movie to try and find out what all the fuss was about and I "crossed over to the dark side" and became a huge Star Wars fan. I constantly watched, (and still do), all of the movies but mostly just the original trilogy and I expanded my reach into space by reading most of the books written as semi-sequels to the movies. I cannot now recall the exact amount of time I have ever spent watching the movies, over and over again or the number of times I've read the books. Stars Wars became an obsession at different points in time as I sometimes skimped on homework and read or watched the movies instead. I really love Star Wars now and have watched numerous documentaries and makings-of about all of the movies and the secrets behind the camera. I often quote the movie, especially when someone accidentally starts saying something that is one of the starts of the quotes i remember and I just have to finish the quote. Those of you whom I have known in the past may have noticed this about me and not just regarding Star Wars but all the movies I have seen in general. ;P
    "May the Force be with you!"