Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I learned in video production

I've learned new techniques in shooting. I feel like I've really grown as a camera operator. Pans used to make me nervous. I don't always have a steady hand. I've realized that I should relax. Part of creating for me is having a relaxed environment. I've also learned to think outside of the box and that I really want to show people life in a way they have never seen. This class really energized me creatively. Director of Photography is now a career I am considering pursuing. 

I've begun drawing storyboards before each shoot so we can have an established visual beforehand rather than simply finding out what looks good on the spot.

I've learned that it is really all about team work. Film is definitely a collaborative art and if all participants are not giving 100% then the project is less likely to succeed. I was very lucky to have a team that I was familiar with.

Jessica and I had work on class projects before and had a shared sensibility

Christina wrote a wonderful script. Her background studying english was a great asset.

I look at film in a completely different way that I ever did before. I am much more critical of and inspired by films now that I have this knowledge.

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